Cr's Hunting Club

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  1. Membership dues are $1450.00 this year (this membership includes immediate family members). Immediate family is defined as children still in school and spouses. If a member's child that has grown up in the club exceeds this qualification they will be offered a junior membership at half the full dues with the only limitation that they cannot bring guests. If they want to be able to bring guests they must then become a full member paying full dues. A $450.00 dollar deposit is due on April 1 if a member’s dues are not received by April 15 then the next person on the waiting list will be offered that spot. The remainder of your payment is due by June 15.   Please make the checks payable to Robert Lee Turner Jr. and mail the checks to P.O. Box 58 Chunchula, Al 36521.


No child under the age of 14 may sit on any stand without a licensed hunter 21 yrs old or older at arm's reach. Any child over the age of 14 that produces an Alabama Hunters Education certificate may sit on a stand alone provided their parent or guardian is at the next closest stand.

NO EXCEPTIONS! NO CERTIFICATE = NO HUNTING ALONE. This is for the safety of everyone in the club.


Youths sixteen and older will be allowed to hunt without their parent or guardian present as long as an adult member on the club property has agreed to supervise them. Also no youth will stay in the camp overnight unless an adult staying overnight agrees to supervise them.



  1. The guest policy is each adult member is allowed to bring one guest at anytime except opening week of bow season (Oct 25 through Nov 1), the state youth hunt dates, the opening weekend of gun season, and from Feb 1 till Feb 10. There will be no guest fees this year. Please do not abuse this policy (This should not be considered a two for one membership). If the club decides this policy is being abused it will be changed. The guest must abide by all club rules at all times. Ultimately, the member is responsible for the actions of his / her guest. When signing out for hunting areas members get first choice then guests.


  1. All club members and their guests must abide by all state of Alabama game laws, except where club rules require otherwise such as harvest requirements.


  1. No loaded guns in or around the camp area.


  1. It is not permitted to consume alcohol while hunting. It is also not permitted to hunt while under the influence of alcohol. If you want to drink an alcoholic beverage then plan on staying at the camp and socializing not hunting. Any accident, near accident or other incident of concern resulting from the consumption of alcohol may result in immediate expulsion from the club.


  1.  A buck must have at least six points to be harvested, and as per state regulations there is a three buck limit and the third buck must have at least four points on one side.


The doe harvest will be conducted on a first come basis until our harvest goal (4 does) are met then there will be no more does harvested. The only food plot that does can be harvested from is the Triangle plot and this is only for members and their immediate family members (the only exception to this will be any member’s child that has not harvested a deer of any type may harvest a doe from a food plot for their first deer, but after that they can only shoot bucks from food plots). No does will be shot after January 2.


There will be a fifty dollar fine for any harvest that violates club policy.


Children of club members that have not yet harvested a buck may harvest any buck of their choice as their first buck, but they must then abide by all club rules pertaining to buck harvest requirements.


Appropriate measurements, as required by the management program, must be made and recorded in the camp harvest book on all harvested deer. Hunter observation sheets must be completed. This is a requirement for membership in the club.


  1. When hunting during the week the stands are first come first serve. You must sign-in in the morning by 6:00 AM and in the evening by 2:30 PM.  If you have not signed in by then, you can only hunt where you will not pass anyone who is already in a stand. You cannot sign out a stand prior to the day of the hunt.



Members will be allowed to sign out a maximum of two stands per day one in the morning and one for the evening hunt this includes hanging stands or retrieving cameras. If a member plans on hunting in the same stand for both hunts they will write “all day” in the comments section of the sign out log, but will also continue to put accurate in and out times. This will allow everyone to know who is in the woods at all times.



8.     No vehicle traffic in/around hunting areas unless you are hunting. Always drive the straightest way possible to your stand and back to the camp.  No driving on interior roads or in food plots unless you are retrieving a deer. This includes four-wheelers and utv’s.  The only exception to this will be the interior access road to the corn field coming from the south that passes by the between the branches patch, but as usual you cannot use this road if someone is already hunting the between the branches patch. Concerning kids on four wheelers:  You are responsible for your child and any damage. Also no one under the age of sixteen is allowed to drive an automobile on club property unless an adult is with them.  



  1. It is important to keep the camp and the property clean at all times. Do not leave any trash in the stands, if you see any trash along the roads or in the woods pick it up, if you have any trash that will not burn please dispose of it at your home during  the season instead of letting it accumulate till the end.           


  1. All stands left on club property excluding personal climbing stands may be used by any member signing out that area.


      11. During deer season you may only shoot your gun for zeroing purposes at the dirt pit between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.

     12. There will be three mandatory work days this year with a $100 fee for anyone choosing not to participate. For those that do not want to pay the fee, but are unable to participate on the organized work days the club president will make a work list out for that person and when it is completed within a two week period the fee will be waived.